Dismantling Racism One On One Workshop


Mondays, April 8, 15, 22 and 29, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Virtual or In-Person (Hybrid) at Shalom Spirituality Center

Racism is a deeply embedded problem, within society and individuals. Since it is not easily resolved or addressed, a wide variety of strategies are necessary to engage with the issue. Many strategies for dismantling interpersonal racism rely upon identifying and emphasizing common ground between individuals of different races, but perhaps it can be more constructive to remember what makes us different!

This series of 4 sessions, based upon John Stewart’s 2023 book of the same name, helps us to understand that identifying our uniqueness (and respecting the uniqueness of others) can be a powerful tool for dismantling racism within our daily interactions. Participants will reflect upon their own uniqueness, learn about ways in which we co-create uniqueness while in conversation with others, examine the power of narrative frameworks within life, and practice bringing these elements together to invite true equity into our personal relationships.

John Stewart, author of Dismantling Racism One On One: Uniqueness, Narrative, Equity and other books relating to honest and constructive racial communication, balanced a long career between higher education (as a researcher, teacher, and author) and practical implementation of his academic work. The last decade of his career was spent as the VP for Academic Affairs at the University of Dubuque. Now retired, he writes and offers Diversity-Equity-Inclusion-Belonging training.

$70 per person for the series, in-person attendance or via Zoom. Book is required, but not included in the registration price. Please acquire the book at River Lights Bookstore or online, and note that it is NOT necessary to read the book ahead of time, as the group will read it together during the sessions. Please register online at shalomretreats.org or by calling 563.582.3592 by Friday, April 5.