My new book was just published by Strategic Book Publishing!  Unlike most books about dismantling racism, this one focuses on two person and small group conversations.

Systemic racism in employment, education, and law enforcement is hugely important.  And most of us experience encounters with one or two others where we want to do something to counter the racism we experience there.  When that happens, this book can help.

The subtitle is “Uniqueness Narrative Equity.”  As the “narrative” label suggests, the book unpacks four true stories of two person conversations, three of which were transformed from racist to anti-racist by what the conversation partners said verbally and nonverbally.  And one that wasn’t, because we didn’t.

The “uniqueness” term highlights a feature you and I all have, one that we can mobilize in the service of building equity.  The three successful conversations show how conversation partners can co-construct situation-specific uniquenesses, one for each person in the conversation, and how this can promote the opposite of stereotyping.

Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI) books and workshops are often legitimately criticized because many are not specifically focused enough to produce positive outcomes.  People come away with some new awareness, maybe, but without much behavior change.  Dismantling Racism One On One has a strong self-help component.  Three chapters describe and illustrate what you can do in a conversation to harness your uniqueness in the service of equity.  This emphasis on specific contributions to a racist conversation, along with the vivid examples of the other conversations, supports genuine learning.

You can also learn from reading in Chapter 9 about what I failed to do.

Here’s the Table of Contents:


Amazon.com has print and ebook versions available, and the print price is $14.97.  You can also get it theough sbprabooks.com/JohnStewart.  Special discounts for bulk purchases are available at bookorder@sbpra.net.